Bill Disputes

If you believe the bill you have received from a provider is incorrect you should get in contact with them immediately. 

If you have setup Auto-Pay and would like to turn this off while you speak with your provider you can do this in the options for the bill on your dashboard. All Auto payments wait at least 24 hours after receiving any bill before paying your provider to give you a chance to review the bill for this reason. 

If the provider agrees to amend the bill a new bill will be uploaded to your BillHub by your provider. If they do not amend the bill it is your choice to pay the bill on time, if payments are made late through BillHub your provider may charge a late fee or take other actions, please see their terms for further details. 

Payments must be made on BillHub (your 'Online due date') 5 days prior to the actual due date to ensure payment is made to your provider on time. 

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